White Chocolate Popcorn & Pecans with Vitality Lime Salt

This is a rather large recipe, but trust me it will go FAST, especially at holiday gatherings!

Make the Popcorn:
Pop 1 cup of organic popcorn kernels.  I prefer Bobs Red Mill White or Yellow Popcorn.   You will need at least an 8 quart pan to pop it all at once.  Or use a smaller pan and make in batches.  Air popped popcorn can also be used.  The one cup of kernels will produce approximately 20 cups of popcorn.  Set popped popcorn aside.

Make the Lime Salt:
I prefer the quality and taste of Redmond Sea Salt, but any high-quality salt will work!
In a 1 cup size glass bowl add:
2 tablespoons of salt
8 drops of Young Living Vitality lime essential oil
Using a spoon mix the essential oil into the salt until smooth.  Set aside.

Prepare the White Chocolate:

I suggest using Ghirardelli White Chocolate Baking Chips, I have had little problem with it seizing and it does not contain hydrogenated oil.  Melt 8 ounces of white chocolate, slow, low, and steady is best when working with white chocolate.  Heat it too high or too fast and it will clump and seize into a ball.  Double boilers are a great method, continue to stir the chocolate while melting until it is smooth.  The package also offers instructions on melting.

Prepare the Pecans (optional):
Pecans are not required! I use pecan halves that have been toasted, this is also optional but brings even more flavor!  You will need 1 cup of pecans, more if you love pecans!  To toast the pecans add 1 tablespoon of butter or ghee to a skillet, melt on medium high, then add 1 cup of pecans, stir constantly until golden brown.  Set aside.

Now its time to bring it all together.  I find it’s easier to work in batches!  You will need a bowl large enough to toss the popcorn without spilling over!  If you have at least a 5 quart or larger mixing bowl, you can prepare in 2 batches, otherwise adjust according to the size of bowl you use.

Add half of the popped popcorn and ½ the pecans to the mixing bowl, drizzle ¼ of the melted chocolate and sprinkle 1 teaspoon of the salt over the top of the popcorn, using a large spoon or spatula toss to mix in the chocolate & salt, the goal is to lightly coat the popcorn, next add another ¼ of the chocolate and teaspoon of salt over the popcorn and mix well.  Taste test the popcorn for saltiness, add more if needed.  Prepare 2 cookie sheets covered with parchment paper.  Spread the popcorn mixture on one of the cookie sheets. Repeat the steps above for the second half of popcorn.  Allow the popcorn to set until the chocolate has hardened.  Store in tins or plastic bags.  Best used before one week, but my guess is it won’t come close to being around that long!

For information on how to purchase Young Living Vitality Essential Oils please click here https://yldist.com/eoculinaryguru/