Everyday Recipe Series Volume 1 EINKORN is ready for purchase! Order link below!

This cookbook is the first in my series of everyday cookbooks. I chose to start with einkorn because I believe very few people know how to use and cook this amazing ancient grain! There are over 50 pages of recipes, tips, and techniques using einkorn wheat & wheat berries! Every recipe in my cookbook includes at least one einkorn ingredient, as well as many other Young Living products such as Ningxia Berry Syrup, Pure Protein Complete (chocolate & vanilla), Blue Agave Syrup, Einkorn Flakes Cereal, Ningxia Wolfberries, Einkorn Rotini Pasta, and many of the Vitality essential oils. Einkorn can be used for so much more than making bread!! I have included recipes for breakfast, muffins, soups, salads, side dishes, breads, crackers, desserts, and snacks!
The link to ordering is https://essentialpalate.com there are 3 options:
Single Copy
5 pack
11 pack (11 for the price of 10)

Please know that 10% of your cookbook purchase will be donated to The D. Gary Young Young Living Foundation, specifically Hope for Justice. Please visit younglivingfoundation.org for more info on this fantastic organization!